Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal)

It is the procedure of removing Bichat’s fat pad by entering through the oral incision. It is applied to the right and left cheek from inside of oral mucosa and the amount of fat is reduced in the middle cheek area.

Our midface has deep and superficial fat pads and Bichat’s fat pad. The volume of the Bichat’s fat pad is constant because it has it’s own capsule. As only this fat pad may be removed and its volume is constant, there will be no facial collapse in the future. However, the effect of the surgery will appear approximately 3-6 months later, because there will be swelling on the face after the surgery.

Who is suitable for Bichectomy?

This operation can be applied to people of all ages and genders.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local + sedation. The surgery takes 30 minutes. An approximately one centimeter infraoral mucosal incision is made.

Local anesthesia is given first. This is to control the pain and bleeding. Than Bichat’s fats are gonna be removed. Self dissolvabe stitches gonna be used. No drain or special garment needed. 

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