Arm-Leg Lifting Surgery

An arm lift consists of tightening loose, sagging skin on the arms. Excess skin is excised, and the remaining skin is drawn more tightly to create a firmer, more youthful appearance. A thigh lift does the same, but on the thighs instead of the upper arms.

Incisions will be made either on the inner arm or back of the arm for an arm lift, and on the inner thigh for a thigh lift. Our surgeons always take the utmost care in the placement of incisions to leave the least amount of scarring possible. However, it’s important to realize that there will be a scar. Most patients find that the end results are worth it, but be sure to discuss any concerns you have with your coordinators during your consultation.

Who is suitable for Arm-Leg Lifting Surgery?

Candidates for an arm or thigh lift will have loose, sagging skin that they want to tighten. If you have stubborn underarm or thigh fat, liposuction may be a more appropriate procedure for you. An arm lift or thigh lift addresses only loose, sagging skin, not fat.

If you have both excess fat and sagging skin, you may want to combine liposuction and an arm or thigh lift. Many patients find that this combination procedure yields the best results. Discuss your concerns with your coordinator during your consultation to see if a combination procedure might be right for you.

In addition to having loose, sagging skin on the upper arms or thighs, candidates should also:

  • Be in general good health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Understand the risks involved

If your skin’s sagging is noticeable but not severe, you may be a candidate for a mini lift. A mini lift utilizes smaller incisions, thus resulting in less scarring. Discuss this option with your coordinator to see if you may be a good candidate for a mini arm lift or mini thigh lift.

Arm-Leg Lifting Steps

Just say “hello” to us via WhatsApp. As soon as your coordinator receives the necessary information from you, she will send you the most appropriate operation and price information.

1- Booking

If you decide to have surgery after you have been transparently informed about the whole process, you can set a date with your coordinator.

You do not need to make any prepayments for the operation reservation. You can make the payment when you come to our clinic. All you have to do is forward the flight ticket and passport image to your coordinator.

2- Surgery

When you arrive at Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB), you will get on the VIP vehicle waiting to bring you to our hospital. Afterwards, your coordinator will be with you for all your health checks, operation and after.

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